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◆優 遵 識 諦 の難易度やや高めの基本練習です。 ◆PDFからの印刷で繰り返し練習が可能となります。※PCからダウンロードして印刷ください ◆練習方法は印刷後コピー用紙に直接なぞる練習、印刷のお手本の上に半紙をおいてうえからなぞる練習、いずれも効果が高まります。 ◆ This product is a basic calligraphy practice text used in Gyousyou Suzuki calligraphy classroom. ※ copyright of this product is in Gyousyou S uzuki . Unauthorized duplication copy reproduction is forbidden. ◆ Improve your progress by referring to the Instagram's video as well. ◆ Repeat practice is possible with printing from PDF. The practice method is effective both after practicing tracing directly on copy paper after printing and practicing tracing from placing a paper on top of a model of printing.

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